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28 June 2024 News

New Waste Interface and Insights

We’re happy to present a release of our Waste Migration and New Insights project, focused on migrating waste data to the activity data infrastructure within Klappir.

By Klappir

Release Notes for Waste, June 26, 2024

We are following up our recent Fuel update with an encore. The Waste interface and Insights aims to streamline waste data management, improve transparency, and enhance the user experience by updating various modules and tools associated with waste data.

Key goals of the release:

  • Simplify waste data management.
  • Update the waste import tool and insights module.
  • Facilitate compliance with ESRS standards.

Major Changes:

  • Classifications:

    • Transition from a flat EWC and R/D based system to a hierarchical UNSPSC-based classification.
    • Hazardous waste classifications are incorporated to comply with ESRS standards.
  • Data Imports:

    • Import tool updated with new columns: Date, Value, Unit, Data Label, Waste Type Classification, Waste Treatment Classification, Asset, and Reference.
    • Validation for incompatible waste type and treatment classification pairs.
  • Insights:

    • Waste insights module updated according to the new design.
    • General insights requirements applicable to future data types.
  • Asset Mapping:

    • Users can map and remap activity data based on waste description and entity asset ID.
  • Reports and Surveys:

    • Enhanced reporting capabilities for various waste metrics including total waste, hazardous waste, and treatment classifications.
  • KPIs:

    • Users can view detailed waste metrics per asset, supplier, operating parameter, and classification type.
  • Dashboard:

    • Dashboard graph updated to group data by class (level 3) and treatment classification.

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By Klappir28 June 2024

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