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Company Strategy

We bring value to societies by developing and delivering sustainability management software solutions to businesses, municipalities, investors and governments, enabling them to protect, sustain and enhance natural resources for the future.

Mission, vision & values

Our Mission

Bring clarity to sustainability

Our Vision

Lead the world in coordinated, data-driven sustainability efforts.

Our Values

  • We are Innovative, providing cutting edge sustainability solutions
  • We are Professional in all our work and communication with our society
  • We are Caring toward our society, each other and the environment

Our way

From 2014 we have been continuously improving our Sustainability Platform. We focus on robust and transparent data recording, data management, asset management and digital twin, analytics, insights, accounting and disclosure of sustainability statements. We also focus on our customers' ability to cooperate in one digital ecosystem by sharing sustainability data and information with each other.

From having 50 customers in 2015 we now have more than 700 customers utilizing some of our Platform features or all of them. These customers are from various industries like aviation, shipping, banking, financial, retail and real estate as an example. Therefore Klappir has an extensive knowledge of the challenges these industries are facing and has the tools and methodology to support its customers toward a more sustainable future.

We focus on society and try our utmost to enable people to cooperate and support each other on the basis of SDG 17. No one can solve the challenges alone, only through cooperation can we support our society to become more sustainable. We work closely with our customers to enhance their user experience. We aim to provide our customers with solid support and assistance while working with our software.

The company is Icelandic in origin and Iceland is our home market. Over the years we have developed close relations with the industries and municipalities in Iceland. The collaboration applies to both technical and methodological development, where ideas are shared and good proposals end in our roadmap.

After a few years of operation the idea emerged of inviting the general public to have an impact, through Klappir, on the development of society towards greater sustainability. Therefore we listed Klappir in 2017 on Iceland Nasdaq, First North market. Now we have more than 300 shareholders and we invite people to consider the possibility of having sustainability impact on society by join us and become shareholders.