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Company Strategy

We bring value to societies by developing and delivering sustainability management software solutions to businesses, municipalities, investors and governments, enabling them to protect, sustain and enhance natural resources for the future.

Mission, vision & values

Our Mission

Bring clarity to sustainability

Our Vision

Lead the world in coordinated, data-driven sustainability efforts.

Our Values

  • We are Innovative, providing cutting edge sustainability solutions
  • We are Professional in all our work and communication with our society
  • We are Caring toward our society, each other and the environment

Our way

We align all our activities to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic Aspirations

  • Becoming the most recognized brand for reliable sustainability management software solutions that are firmly linked to the Icelandic nature through our unique name and logo.
  • Having financial strength to maintain scaling up and developing the product portfolio continuously.
  • Fostering talented and engaged employees by attracting top-talent by strong company culture where people are challenged while feeling valued for their work with healthy work life balance and are contributing to more sustainable future.
  • Maintaining an organisation that is lean, efficient and reputable, where teams operate with shared responsibility across the different business activities to achieve our common goal.
  • Continue to build on solid and long-term cooperation with customers, strategic partners and with selected universities.

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