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From frequently asked questions to practical courses, learn everything you need to know about the Sustainability Platform. We aim to expand Klappir Learn with information on our methodology, data gathering, survey feature and more.


Are you looking for answers?

Answers to the most common questions regarding our Sustainability Platform and related sustainability topics. This section is ever evolving, we add questions and answers as needed.

Data Collection

The framework

For environmental data the Platform records data according to the framework provided by Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and for ESG various frameworks are used like Nasdaq reporting guide, GRI and SDG among others.


One way to gather data

Enabling the financial sector to collect reliable and transparent data on their investments and loans. Providing a sustainability score on each project and overview of the overall portfolio.

Webinars and Courses

29.11.2022 Webinar: ESG statements (English)

Past events

21.11.2022 Webinar: ESG statements (Icelandic)
04.11.2022 Webinar: How to strategize carbon accounting and removal

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Klappir Learn is designed to provide all the information you require to build a solution that is aligned to your needs. We provide documentation, educational material and online learning courses. If you do not see what you need, please contact us service@klappir.com.