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15 May 2024 Success story

Silentia's Green Mission: Leading the Charge in Hospital Sustainability

Since 1990, Silentia has been the leader in patient privacy, developing innovative solutions that reduce waste and energy consumption, contributing to a cleaner environment. Today, Silentia is trusted by hospitals in over 50 countries and proudly delivers products that are proven to last.

By Klappir

Silentia's sustainability focus

Silentia have developed their foldable hygiene screens with durability in mind. Textile curtains are commonly used to separate beds and patients in hospitals, at doctor’s offices and clinical environments. Textiles are prone to collecting bacteria, requiring them to be washed regularly to maintain a sanitary environment. As a result, their durability is reduced and they also have a considerable environmental impact from water and laundry detergent use.

Silentia’s durable screens can be cleaned with any disinfectant on-the-spot, leading to a longer usage period and reduced waste. Not only does Silentia strive to source environmentally friendly materials, but the hygienic design also makes the product a more sustainable choice during the use phase. Silentia found that even while their sustainability focus was strong, quantifying their efforts and actions remained a challenge.

Why Klappir?

Entering Klappir's Sustainability Platform, has provided Silentia with the tools needed to solidify their sustainability initiatives and measure their impact with precision. Klappir's ESG reporting has developed Silentia in their sustainability journey by ensuring better information and data throughout their operations. By leveraging Klappir, Silentia gains insights on electricity, heating, water and fuel usage which is used to continuously evaluate processes and make data-driven decisions, setting a new standard for sustainable practices. Moreover, the transparency of their ESG data serves as a powerful asset in securing public tenders and highlighting the benefits of their Sweden-based production and Nordic-spanning supply chain.

With Klappir's assistance, Silentia has successfully mapped their Scope 1 and 2 emissions and is actively working on Scope 3. The quantification through good data allows Silentia to continue the strategic work on reducing the carbon footprint. As they install more efficient machines, change light bulbs to LED or implement other efforts, the impact can be analyzed in Klappir’s analysis and KPI tool, ensuring that Slientia is making the right choices.

Silentia’s factory runs on 100% renewable energy from Falkenberg Energi, earning the “good environmental choice” certification from The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The renewable energy can be tracked and calculated with a corresponding emission factor for green electricity, why Silentia also has more accurate accounting compared to using generic factors.


"Klappir has not only provided exceptional customer service but also a platform that very well integrates into our operations. Its user-friendly interface allows us to navigate independently, yet Klappir's continuous development ensures we're always equipped with the latest tools and insights about our data and performance. Moreover, its alignment with EU legislation and regulations underscores its reliability as a partner in our sustainability journey."

Jonas Fribo-Søndergaard, Sustainability Specialist at Silentia Global

In collaboration with Klappir, Silentia's sustainability initiatives have reached new possibilities, demonstrating the power of data-driven decision-making and a steadfast commitment to environmental focus.

By Klappir15 May 2024

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