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Career at Klappir

Klappir, a software company established in 2013, has developed a software solution that supports companies on their journey towards sustainability.

Building a powerful digital infrastructure for a sustainable future

Klappir is at the forefront of a digital transformation in environmental and sustainability software development. Our mission is to bring clarity to the world of sustainability through the ongoing development of our smart Sustainability Platform. We are passionate about helping customers manage their sustainability efforts by facilitating access to accurate, real-time sustainability data that is easy to organize, analyze and act upon.

We are growing and always on the look out for talent.

Employee Policy

We engage our employees in addressing social and environmental issues that are relevant for the businesses and communities in which we work. We also engage in and encourage open and organized discussions concerning environmental issues among the employees of the companies and organizations we serve. We aim to give our employees the opportunity to increase their skills both in terms of the job itself and in terms of expanding their knowledge of environmental issues in general. During recruitment, Klappir seeks to attract enthusiasts in sustainability, data management, environmental management for software development and marketing/service.

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Job postings

No open positions at the moment

There are no open job postings at the moment. All job offerings or positions will be displayed here when active. Please refer to General application as we accept and keep applications for future positions.

General application

If you are interested in working for Klappir and you don’t see an open job post or position that suits your experience or qualifications here below, don't hesitate to apply by sending us an email to jobs@klappir.com. Please include your CV and Cover Letter and if a suitable opportunity becomes available we will be in contact.

The people

We are a diverse group of people with one common goal, to make a difference.

We are innovative

We connect people using our platform to create a digital sustainability ecosystem that make sustainability readily available. Our world-class Sustainability Platform helps businesses and organizations approach sustainability in innovative, new ways.

We are professional

We approach our customers and the subject matter with professionalism and respect.

We are caring

We truly care for our customers and inspire them to go beyond their sustainability goals.